CRM & Deal Management

  • Automated request tracking and document management
  • Custom Deal Stages & Automated Deal Pipeline: Organizations can define up to 8 custom deal stages and related logic during the onboarding process. Deal Stage functionality enables automated tracking of the deal funnel.
  • Deal Stage analytics track conversion KPIs that enable automated notifications and help identify bottlenecks in the funnel.
  • User Assignment: Deals can be assigned to individual business development reps, underwriters, or other internal users.</li><li>Integrated Status Notes: Users can enter status notes in individual Deal records, enabling users to centrally track Deal updates while avoiding tedious email chains. Automated notifications are sent to associated users whenever a status update is added.
  • Term-Sheet: Axis enables users to automate term sheet creation. Users enter proposed terms in the Deal record, and Axis automatically generates the completed term sheet on the organization’s form.

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CRM & Deal Management