Overcoming the Challenges of Digital Transformation: A Guide for Commercial Lenders

Digital transformation has ramped up drastically in recent years, with spending expected to reach $2.8 trillion by 2025. However, many organizations continue to lag behind on digital transformation for a number of reasons, ranging from resistance to change to budgeting concerns. Yet for commercial lenders, digital transformation is key to unlocking portfolio growth and operational … Continued

AI as a Service: What it is and How it Helps Commercial Lenders

The adoption of AI In the workplace is rapidly accelerating, and it’s revolutionizing the modern workplace. Businesses in every industry have started reaping the benefits of AI automation: increased productivity, streamlined operations, and rich insights into data. And for commercial lenders, in particular, AI has had a transformative effect on the loan lifecycle.  Until recently, … Continued

Why Commercial Lenders Need Data Automation

From underwriting, to originating, to risk monitoring, every step of the commercial lending process is highly dependent upon data. Increasingly, commercial lenders are realizing that their ability to effectively manage data is key to achieving revenue goals. Digital lending technology plays an essential role in optimizing data management processes. Automated, AI-driven solutions are able to … Continued

The Untapped Power of Digital Transformation for Commercial Lenders

Commercial lending technology is finally beginning to catch up with the intricacies and complexity of commercial lending. In the broader fintech landscape, digital transformation has overhauled business operations in recent years. Yet when it comes to the world of commercial lending, the power of digital technology has largely gone untapped. Part of the reason for … Continued

How Generative AI Automates the Commercial Lending Lifecycle

With the recent launch of OpenAI’s Chat GPT language processing tool, generative AI is becoming a hot topic. This newer iteration of artificial intelligence goes a step beyond merely analyzing data — it can actually create original content, such as text, images, and code. While generative AI is popular these days for its ability to … Continued