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Why Choose AIO Logic?

Built for Scale & Diversification

AXIS is designed to handle your needs today and into the future without additional cost or technology build requirements. AXIS’s robust functionality and intelligent automation enable investors to grow both operationally and in terms of product diversification capacity. AXIS is the only platform with out-of-the-box, end-to-end handling of diverse products and bespoke facilities.

Designed for Complex Structures

AXIS provides the functionality required to manage the complex structures of commercial finance and structured finance. AXIS is fully configurable and built with all the nuances of bespoke structures in mind. AXIS handles any structure out-of-the-box, including variable rate, conditional rate, custom amortization, complex waterfalls, and more, eliminating the need to handle exceptions manually in spreadsheets.

Integrated Productivity and Collaboration Tools

AXIS provides integrated productivity and collaboration tools globally in the platform to increase team efficiency. Productivity tools enable collaboration within your organization and are also integrated into the customer and broker portals. This centralizes communications and deliverables tracking, eliminating the need to manage these collaboration items in multiple platforms.

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