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Why Choose AIO Logic?

Extensive Deal Management Functionality

AXIS allows users to manage all of their deal opportunities in a single platform, with dynamic pipeline reporting that includes key conversion analytics. Deal management functionality includes the automated creation of deal stages and deal pipelines that help identify bottle necks in the funnel. Additionally, AXIS enables users to automate term sheet creation based on the terms entered into the Deal record.

Designed for Complex Loan Structures

AXIS provides the functionality required to manage the complex loan structures of commercial lending, structured finance, and asset-based lending. Built by lenders for lenders, AXIS is fully configurable and built with all the nuances of bespoke loan structures in mind. AXIS handles any loan structure or interest rate structure out-of-the-box, eliminating the need to handle exception loans manually in spreadsheets.

Ongoing Borrower Monitoring & Reporting

AXIS gives users the ability to monitor loan covenant and compliance requirements throughout the life of the loan. The covenant type is chosen from a list and parameters are entered, then all subsequent covenant tracking and monitoring is automated. AXIS also creates an automated compliance calendar, with the created requirements automatically flowing to the Portfolio Manager dashboard and Customer Portal so both parties are aware of upcoming compliance requirements.

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