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Why Choose AIO Logic?

True End-to-End Automation

AXIS is the only true-end-to-end platform designed for the complex requirements of commercial lending and structured finance. From origination, underwriting, document management, loan servicing, compliance management, loan accounting, and more, AXIS modules are seamlessly integrated into a centralized platform, providing end-to-end automation, data analytics, and unprecedented efficiency.

Built for Scale & Diversification

AXIS is designed to handle your needs today and into the future without additional cost or technology build requirements. AXIS’s robust functionality and intelligent automation enable lenders to grow both operationally and in terms of product diversification capacity. AXIS is the only platform with out-of-the-box, end-to-end handling of diverse loan products and bespoke facilities.

Robust Suite of Portfolio Analytics

AXIS offers a robust suite of automated portfolio reporting and analytics that come standard, while also allowing for the creation of custom reports. Portfolio performance KPIs such as total yield, cumulative charge-off rate, and default rate can be obtained by specific attribute, portfolio, or time range so firms can analyze the exact metrics desired. Additionally, AXIS provides static pool and collection analysis that is real-time and dynamic, allowing users to seamlessly obtain robust and timely analytics.

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