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About AIO Logic

Who They Are

AIO Logic is a financial technology company providing logic-based and generative AI solutions for complex financial processes. Founded by a former middle-market lending CEO, the team at AIO Logic has a unique understanding of commercial lending’s complex processes and requirements.

What They Do

AIO Logic has built a truly end-to-end platform, known as AXIS, designed specifically for commercial lenders. Utilizing logic-based and generative AI, AXIS is the only end-to-end solution capable of managing the complex requirements and bespoke loan structures of commercial lending and structured finance.​

How Lenders Benefit

AXIS by AIO Logic is the only platform that provides all needed functionality in one, unified solution. Fully configurable and designed for complex loan structures, AXIS delivers unprecedented automation and analytics, increasing efficiency and accuracy throughout the loan life cycle, while also providing an unparalleled user experience. Lenders using AXIS can achieve up to 5x time and cost reduction compared to legacy systems.

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