The Pillars of Financial Safety: Why Strong Loan Covenants are Vital for Lenders

In the world of finance, lending is the lifeblood that fuels economic growth and prosperity. Whether it’s a small business seeking funds for expansion or an individual buying a home, loans are an essential component of modern economies. However, lending always carries inherent risks, as there’s no guarantee that borrowers will meet their repayment obligations. … Continued

The AI Revolution: Transforming Loan Lifecycle for Efficiency

In the past year, there has been so much talk about the capabilities and consequences of artificial intelligence. Oftentimes, the discussion about how AI will affect the business landscape has been centered on the potential elimination of some roles. While this is a sound concern, many AI and business experts alike believe that the more … Continued

Future-Proofing Banks: Embracing New Technologies to Compete with Direct Lenders

The financial landscape is undergoing a seismic shift, and banks are facing intense competition from a formidable challenger: direct lenders. These digital-first lenders have disrupted the traditional lending model and are rapidly gaining ground. To remain relevant and competitive in this changing environment, banks must embrace new technologies that enable them to match the speed, … Continued

The Resurgence of Distressed Debt

Opportunities in Turbulent Markets In the aftermath of economic crises and downturns, distressed debt has often emerged as a compelling investment opportunity. While the global financial crisis of 2008 and the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the global economy, they also paved the way for a resurgence of distressed debt. As economies rebound and financial … Continued

2023 Trends in Loan Origination and Management

Amidst high interest rates and steep costs of capital, loan management technology will play a significant role this year when it comes to helping commercial lenders maintain profits and establish a competitive edge.  In today’s market, lenders who implement end-to-end software with advanced data management features and AI-powered automations are sure to come out ahead. … Continued

Tackling Middle-Market Loan Complexity With Loan Management Software

Commercial loan origination and management, and particularly middle-market lending, is no simple task. Compared to consumer loans, commercial loans typically involve substantially more data and document collection, rigorous underwriting, and ongoing management. Why the complexity? Because, as loan size increases, lending naturally becomes much more complex and is marked by a high degree of loan … Continued